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25h January

Dolphin Motor Clubs - Frostbite 12 Car Rally
Peter Cox is running his years Frostbite.
tarting and finishing at Pheasant Inn, Ermin St, Shefford Woodlands, RG17 7AA, MR 174/ 362 733. The event is all on map 174. There are classes for Experts, Novices and Beginners with the Beginners being provided with marked maps.  Click Here For Regs

As usual marshals will also be required and if they can send their details to me it will be much appreciated.

Dolphin MC

20th February

The Dolphin Motor Club is holding its Awards Night on Wednesday 20th February 2019 at 8:00pm at the Bowlers Arms.  There will be a buffet which is free to all club members and award winners.
If you are coming please can you let Bob Muttram know as soon as possible so the numbers for the buffet can be given to the Bowlers Arms.

Click Here for list of award winners

Dolphin MC




8th June

CAR-Nival Autosolo - Dalton Barracks Abingdon

Dolphins Autosolo is a round of the BTRDA,CMSG and ACSMC Autosolo Championships. This year competitors can compete on their club card and do not need a full Motorsport UK licence

Peter Cox is our Clerk of Course































12 Car dates - 2019

EVENT                          DATE                           ORGANISER

Frostbite                              25th January 2019.            Peter Cox

Spring Rally                         1st March 2019                   Paul Hardy

CMSG Dolphin 12 Car     29th March 2019                Bob Muttram

12 Car Rally                         20th September 2019      TBA (maybe a Novice/Beginner event)

Gunpowder Plot               8th November 2019          Bob Muttram





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